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Edustats CC        
CK 95/50188/23        
P O Box 595        
60 Lang Street        
Kuils River        
Tel: (021) 9060027        
Fax: (021) 9062081        
General enquiries:        
Eunice Boonzaaier        
John Boonzaaier        

     Welcome to our footprint on the internet with which we hope to give you more efficient service and consequently strengthen existing business relationships or establish new ones.Click here to send your contact details.

    Apart from creating a presence on the worldwide web, our main aim is to enhance our service delivery and support to all the schools doing business with us.

  Visit this site regularly to not miss out on our special offers, news and relevant information that will be posted here. Follow the links on the sides to the relevant section(s) you are interested in.

    Suggestions to improve our service by means of this website are welcome. Send your comments and/or suggestions to the webmaster or contact me, Eunice Boonzaaier on 0219060027 (tel) or fax to 0219062081.

     For all other general enquiries, contact our staff.

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