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     Edustats was established as a Close Corporation (CC) in November 1995 by me, Eunice Boonzaaier, when I was confronted with the possibility of an unsustainable income due to the unbundling and restructuring of Perskor, a publishing company for whom I worked as a sales representative at the time.
    As part of their unbundling process, I took over and ran a number of text book outlets at various universities, technikons and colleges in the Cape Peninsula area.
     Considering my background in education as a primary school teacher for a number of years before working for Perskor, I named the company Edustats, a combination of education and stationery. During that period, soon after South Africa's first democratically elected government came to power, the national education department scrapped the tender system operated by the previous government.
    Under the old system text books and stationery would be bought in bulk by the state from publishers at a discounted price and supply it to all government schools.
    The intention with the new system was to give schools more control over their budgets and to encourage economic diversity in the school supplies industry that was dominated by big, mainly white-owned business, and to create employment opportunities for disadvantaged persons in the nine provinces.
    Edustats CC then submitted an application to become a Western Cape Education Department (WCED)school supplier. Based upon the criteria such as knowledge of the industry, capacity to deliver and credit worthiness, the application was approved resulting in a strong bond that has been forged between the WCED and Edustats CC, since 1995.
    In 1996, the capacity of Edustats CC to continue delivering a quality service was enhanced with my husband, John Boonzaaier, joining Edustats as an equal partner. As a former head of the Business Economics department at Kasselsvlei Comprehensive School, John brought his experience of more that 26 years of teaching into the business when he left teaching due to WCED staff rationalization in the late nineties.
    With another expert hand at the helm, Edustats CC grew from strength to strength, expanding its customer base among schools mostly situated in disadvantaged areas.

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